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2011 Annual Meeting Highlights
Annual Meeting Highlights
Western Iowa Energy’s 2011 Annual Meeting of Members was held on June 20, 2011 at the Wall Lake Community Center, Wall Lake, Iowa.   Registration began at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Over one hundred members attended this years’ event, and 14,222 membership units were represented in person or by proxy. The agenda for the meeting was as follows:
1.      Registration  
2.      Membership Meeting Begins; Call to Order; Determination of Quorum, Bill Horan
3.      Introduction of Current Board of Directors, Bill Horan
4.      Introduction of Other Personnel, Guests, Bill Horan
5.      Commencement of Formal Business, Bill Horan
6.      Approve Agenda; Statement of Order of Business, Bill Horan
7.      Approve Minutes of 2010 Annual Meeting of Members, Bill Horan
8.      Chairman’s Report, Bill Horan
9.      Introduction of Candidates for Board of Directors, Bill Horan
10.   General Manager’s Report,     Jeff Johannesmeyer
11.   Industry Reports (NBB / IRFA), Denny Mauser, Monte Shaw
12.   Deregistration Update, Bill Hanigan
13.   Closing of Ballots, Bill Horan
14.   Questions and Discussion, Bill Horan
15.   Voting Results, Bill Horan
16.   Meeting Adjournment, Bill Horan
There were three proposals on the ballot. The voting results for these proposals were as follows:
Proposal One – Election of Two Directors:
                                For        WH/Abstain
Michael Bettin:    6,879          643
Kevin Ross:         11,967           213
Warren Bush:       8,779          330
As a result, Kevin Ross and Warren Bush were elected to serve three-year terms.
Proposal Two – Advisory vote on Executive Compensation (Say-on-Pay):
Votes For:              13,095
Votes Against:       1,369
Abstentions:               626
Proposal Three – Advisory Vote on Frequency of Say-on-Pay Vote:
Every year:                  2,335
Every two years :       1,278
Every three years:   10,809
Abstentions:                   721
Bill Horan, Chairman of the Board, thanked Mike Bettin for taking interest in, and making the effort to run for, a Director position. Bill noted that WIE is fortunate to have qualified individuals like Mike take an active interest in the company. Mike is a long-time Sac County resident, as well as a prominent businessman, cattle feeder, and farmer. Mike and his wife Deb, along with their family, live in Odebolt.


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